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For Investors

For Investors
Here is the process of buying investment properties:

� Finding a property I will search all the available sources of properties. This includes the NWMLS, HUD repo’s, banks, trustee sales and numerous other sources. I will determine before making the offer approx. how much rehab the property will require and how much you should pay to maximize your profit. If I feel the property condition is too bad or if it is overpriced I will tell you right then and there to pass on it. I don’t sell just to make a sale.

� Negotiating the Best Price Based on market conditions, I can recommend a offer that I feel might secure the property. After that I can do a feasibility study to determine whether to proceed with the process.

� The Rehab I can assist you in creating a budget and finding contractors who specialize in every part of the rehab process if it is necessary. I have contractors that I use regularly that ensure my customers the best prices. When you learn the ropes it becomes a very easy process. I have some investors who have learned to rehab a property in less than 2 weeks.

� Reselling When you are ready to sell I can market your property at a reduced commission to maximize your profitability.

� No Consulting Fees You don’t pay me anything for my services. You simply pay a commission when you resell your property. It’s easy when you are assisted through the entire process.

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